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Message from Matthew

10 Dec Message from Matthew


December 10, 2015

  • What you all now perceive as time passing faster is the energy planes Earth has been traversing or that the time-rushing sensation will become stronger as the Earth enters still higher vibratory levels.


  • Today we shall speak about this season’s traditional music. you may not realize how significantly this is affecting your world. the tones and lyrics of your familiar music emit vibrations that strongly stir emotions. peoples can absorb the high vibrations that release suppressed feelings – an emotional catharsis. Your finest music – symphonies, concertos and other classical opuses that scientific experiments have shown help humankind, animals and plants to thrive – originated in the heavens and was “filtered” to your composers at soul level. Some attributed their works to divine inspiration, and since music comes from the soul, those composers gave credit where it was due.


  • Light-filled thoughts and feelings are essential – they enter the collective consciousness, latch onto what matches them and bring those energy streamers back to your world. But action is essential, too. Telling family, friends and co-workers why you feel optimistic about the future can allay their fears and reverse their low-vibrational pessimism. Never underestimate the power of your light!

Channeled by
Suzanne Ward

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