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Message from my Higher Self

11 Dec Message from my Higher Self


December 11, 2015


  • Much is happening on your Earth at this time, most of which is out of sight so that you have little if any knowledge as to what is taking place.
  • Gradually long suppressed inventions or advancements are coming into being.
  • With an increase in the level of your consciousness, more souls than ever are suddenly becoming aware of how for centuries they have been misled.
  • Once you start to benefit from new technologies the need to spend most of your time earning a living will slowly change. Inventions that take the drudgery out of life are waiting to be made known, and once they are in use you will also become more independent.
  • The New Economy will ensure that all will benefit from the changes, and poverty will become a thing of the past. Until now the wealth of the world has been in the hands of a small minority who have purposely kept you in state of need, so that you are dependent upon them.
  • You have been through many trials and tribulations, and tested to the limit but never more than you could handle. You are so much stronger for your experiences.
  • Stay peaceful and your presence when amongst other people will bring about a calming effect.
  •  Already you are finding that the rising vibrations are bringing changes in the animal kingdom, and the most unusual friendships are being made. As it was prophesied that “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb”.
  •  the Human Race will eventually change and as vibrations lift will no longer feel the need to eat animal meat.
  •  In time you will eat less as your energy source will be around you, and you will draw from it naturally.
  • You must be open minded and prepared to accept that life after death, may be quite different to what you have been led to expect.


Channeled by Mike Quinsey


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