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15 Dec Cobra Q & A Interview by Rob Potter – DNA

Posted by Ryan Marchand on Dec 22, 2015 in Cobra InterviewsPrepare for Change



As a human on this planet, will we ever be able to take back our missing DNA strands or they say use 100% of the brain, I mean, unite to our divine self ?  Obviously, this is the plan.  Will this happen in our lifetime (depending on the age of course) ? is this imminent or is this more like a gradual change that will happen individually for certain people and for some people it won’t ?


The Event is the moment when this change will be initialized.  And, of course, it will take some time depending on the individual case.  Each individual being will go through their own process, but the process will start at the Event.  It will be a massive improvement at that time – a quantum leap you might say.  And there will be fuller subsequent quantum leaps later, but I would say the Event is the moment when you have this critical mass of consciousness present on the planet when you being as a race, as a collective to use our higher abilities to activate the dormant part of our brain and dormant part of our DNA.  And then this will no longer be an issue. It will be simply a very fast accelerated evolution.


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