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25 Dec Cobra Q & A Interview by Rob Potter – The Event

Posted by Ryan Marchand on Dec 22, 2015 in Cobra InterviewsPrepare for Change


Can you talk about what’s going to happen with education after the Event.

Education will finally start getting interesting for children because the truth will be told.  The reason why children are bored at school is because the truth is not being told.  They are being fed lies.  The truth about human history, about real science, about free energy, about E.T. contact, about the reality of behind the scenes politics will make things much more interesting.  People will be motivated and also higher intellectually, spiritual abilities will make this process much easier.

A lot of people are asking what will happen after the Event – jobs and stuff.  Can you explain a little bit how the Event will take care of them and how they’ll transition to new jobs?

OK.  People are basically asking those questions from a perspective of insecurity, that if they don’t work in such and such branch or industry of where they were trained that they will run out of money or anything of that nature.  People need to understand that after the Event, there will be a restricting of the whole economy on the planet.  Even if you’re job post is closed, many new ones will open which you will bring you more prosperity.  This is the basis of the same question. This fear that wants to keep things as they are is blocking evolution and evolution needs to happen even if there is a little bit of shaking and a little bit of change which might be unpleasant for a short period of time. The outcome will be much better for everyone.  As an example, if someone is working at a nuclear power planet right now and the Event happens, maybe he’ll be out of work for a few months, then he’ll begin to work on a different project where he’ll be able to use his expertise with a greater pay, less stress and be much more productive.



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