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27 Dec Everyone’s Question – The Council


December 27, 2015

Everyone’s question, the question we are always ask is “Am I on my path ?”  Now this is asked in many ways. “What is my purpose ?”  is a favorite. At this time, the beginning of your year, let us take a good look at this and set aside misunderstandings. This would be the time to understand what your purpose really is.

We want to point out to you that you all seem to see yourselves as not accomplishing anything of import. Your point of view is relative. You compare yourselves to others. You have no way, in your current state of awareness, to assess the effect you are having on the world. You all seem to think that you ‘should’ be doing things like that other one is doing. Well, may we point out that if you were doing what that other one is doing there would need to be another to do what you are doing. This universe is not in the habit of making mistakes or of leaving things that need doing undone.

So – what is your purpose ? Your purpose is to do the very best that you know how to do in this moment. Would it surprise you to be told that that is exactly what humans are programmed to do ? And further, most often they act in the best interest of those around them, as well. You call it – trying to do the right thing.

So let us give you a suggested way to approach this coming year, or any other actually, that will insure that you are ‘on your path’ and ‘doing it right’. We will describe it best, we think, if we explain it in the words that you would say to yourselves internally:

“I am the one who is here to do what is in front of me to do, because no one else is here and this is the place I was given. I will do the very best I know how to do with what I have. That is all that is asked of me and it is enough. I am enough. I am thankful for this life and this opportunity and I will make the best of it for myself and all life. This is the purpose I accept of my own free will.”

So congratulations! You are about to embark on a new leg of the fantastic journey that is just around the bend. And since you understand that you need not carry all those unnecessary expectations of yourselves, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Happy New Year!

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