ascension-press | Lord Michael: The Prophecy, December 27, 2015 by Christine Preston
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27 Dec Lord Michael: The Prophecy, December 27, 2015 by Christine Preston

December 27, 2015

CHRISTINE, December 27, 2015: Archangel Michael wishes the Lightworkers to gain a deeper appreciation of the Victory of the Light that we are about to experience, by acquiring knowledge concerning millions of years old events relating to our Galactic History and a Prophecy concerning Earth, as well as the details he gave me in April this year.

On April 29, 2015, he started dictating when I was reading ‘Your First Contact’ in which Sheldan Nidle divulges the fact that dark forces of Reptilian humanoids began looking for worlds to conquer about 35 million years ago, and remained undefeated for ten million years until 250 Star Nations united into a mighty League that was the prototype of the Galactic Federation of Light. They have fleets, and for instance, Ashtar Command is the division that is at the disposition of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Solar System. The Light only prevailed because of a series of celestial prophecies given to both the Light and the Dark by Lord MICHAEL.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: The predictions were about the role played by a planet in an unknown system that would be the key to a future peaceful outcome.  The forces of darkness that formed the Alliance of Anchara HOWEVER only became interested to findThe Planet of Prophecy in order to oppose the Divine Plan. When the Galactic Federation of Light was created 4 and a half million years ago it was because their dark opponents had unified their forces under this Alliance and their attacks threatened to overwhelm the Light.

So, when a league was formed and we first went to battle against the forces of Anchara about 25 million years ago, we were criticised, but later when a new plan was put into action in order to repair the voids created by weapons in space that were a threat to spaceships, our actions were accepted. It was much later, 4 and a half million years ago that the Galactic Federation of Light was created.

At first we went into battle despite the disapproval of our associates who believed in peace. They disapproved of attacking to liberate the worlds that had been subjugated, or would surely be destroyed by invaders from Orion. So, after the 250 Star Nations of Light had come together to resist the Forces that were attempting to rule the Galaxy by force, about 25 million years ago, and acting clandestinely, we moved our forces to the Systems where the Dark was encountered.

The War began and ravaged the Milky Way Galaxy. At the time we were less restricted as to what action we could take than we are today, and the opponent much less. This resulted with much destruction. After our Heavenly Administration sought a solution and the Orders of Elohim set up a program to repair the anomalies, my prophecies became known to the forces of the Light and those of the Dark. After the Solar System was revealed as the site of the ‘End-Time’ prophecies there were more battles for two million years.

Earth was finally identified as the planet among those worlds where amost wondrous event would take place in the end-time. Venus, Mars, and Maldek also were water worlds in those days. The prophecy was the reason that the Solar System was explored and its planets colonized! The Dark forces appeared to have an interest in the planet of the prophecy and in playing a role in the latter, but in reality it was to obstruct the divine Plan.

CHRISTINE: Referring to the fact that about 8 million years ago – as shared by Sheldan Nidle – there existed upon Earth some ‘land pre-Cetacean humanoid beings’ who imploded generators in the Ural Mountains in self defense against the plot of the Reptilians to annihilate them, and that half of these beings took refuge in the oceans, Archangel Michael stated:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: The pre-cetacean humanoid was not Earth man’s ancestor as a Galactic human being was created about 6 million years ago from an aquatic ape on Vega in the Lyra Constellation. The water ape of Lyra was genetically upgraded by Spiritual Hierarchies in the hope he would become a land guardian on Earth, because there was none left. When the tragedy happened the Reptilian, Dinosauran, and pre-Cetacean humanoids had lived in harmony during the period that Earth was cut off from the rest of the Galaxy, whereas the Dark ones of Orion and Draco were still carrying out attacks elsewhere.

Yes, it was 18 million of years ago that Sanat Kumara came to the Solar System. One of the reasons he took etheric incarnation as the Logos of the Earth was that after the explosion in the Ural Mountains the place had become so dark. However, a call for volunteers had been sent out before he took etheric incarnation to function in the office of Logos of the Earth. The story of the 144,000 volunteers who designed a Plan has its beginning 25 million years ago when the Higher Council of the 250 Star Nations, together with the Elohim of higher dimensions, were assigned to protect and maintain the Galaxy.

As an extension of Elohim, I, Archangel Michael, was assigned to many missions. Sanat Kumara called for volunteers. These actually were one thousand I AM Presences (Monads) who produced 12 extensions of themselves each. Those Higher Selves also projected twelve extensions of themselves each into incarnation. Altogether there were 144 soul extensions for each Monad. They were recorded as the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation. They were joined by others as time went by. In those days the ‘human’ did not exist yet. Other planets such as Venus were inhabited but on higher dimensions.

I returned from the FUTURE as Archangel, and LORD OF LIGHT, to the past, to change the timelines. I created the Galactic Federation of Light. It was then that I fashioned a sword of Blue Flame that can be invoked for protection and the elimination of negative elements in the consciousness. The dark forces, called Anchara, could not grasp that their pursuit for control would result with total obliteration. I returned to the past and integrated with my past Self by a fusion of consciousness to change the future.

I returned to the past and created the Galactic Federation of Light four and a half million years ago. The Councils required non-interference with evolutions and souls to be given time and opportunities to turn to the Light. So, given the way that the Dark ones ruled on Maldek, Mars, then Earth, the cosmic plan to change to better timelines was complicated. There only was one propitious time when my ‘End-Time’ prophecies could be fulfilled, and it was by the means of the Awakening and Ascension. It was the time that the Mayas knew about, that of the Galactic Alignment.

So, four and a half million years ago, the Galactic Federation of Light was created. The Earth was the key to the enfoldment of the future for the Galaxy, and even the Universe, because it was to be the place of confrontation between the forces of the Light and Darkness.

CHRISTINE: Archangel Michael has asked me to sumarise the fact that the first colonisation of Earth was decimated about 1 million years ago. Dark Alliances controlled the solar system for about 100,000 years untilthere was a massive counter-attack from the Galactic Federation of Light about 900,000 years ago. The large battle planet Nibiru was used to destroy Maldek as it was the headquarters of a Reptilian-based Alliance. Earth was secured until about 300,000 years ago. The Lemurian mother-empire originated from a colony of Sirians established by the Galactic Federation of Light. It was much later that some Atlanteans of Alpha Centauri who planned to create a slave race returned to their Constellation leaving the Anunnaki in power to further downgrade the human DNA. The human DNA was originally downgraded from a crystalline-base structure with many strands to a carbon-base one with two strands. This transformation reduced mind power, weakened the human will, and opened the door to many physical, emotional, and mental illnesses, which reappeared from one generation to another, as well as reduced mankind’s lifespan. It introduced linear time and death. This DNA tampering caused mankind to spiral down into third density where they could be kept in ignorance of their potential.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: In more recent time deals were made with the Anunnaki, who had capitulated to the greater power of the Light, and had been the master mind behind the secret cabal. HOWEVER they attempted to abuse the trust that was given them, although they had not been allowed to go about any business without surveillance. We were doubtful that they could abandon their claim to planet Earth. Meanwhile, the Galactics, who are in the Solar System, assisted with the Ascension. The Spiritual Hierarchy already started raising the frequencies of the human body in the 1970s.

‘The beast, his image, the mark and number of his name,’ in the Book of Revelation represents those dark powers who have ruled but desecrated, polluted, as well as corrupted culture. These archdeceivers of mankind were remanded to the Court of the Sacred Fire, on the God Star Sirius. This binding of Lucifer was carried out by the seven Archangels and the host of the Lord Christ in April 1975.

A celestial phenomenon is also playing a role in the Ascension as the Solar System has safely penetrated a large area in space called a photon belt through a void that was created by the collision of a pinwheel with this photon belt. The pinwheel was detected by scientists in 1987 and the photon belt by a satellite in 1961. At the end of 1995 scientists came to the conclusion that humanity was going to perish due to a collision with these celestial objects.

CHRISTINE: The plan was for the Solar System to enter an inter-dimensional Stargate inside this photon belt by December 21, 2012, when it was expected that mankind would make a quantum leap onto the 5th dimension. The plan for what would happen after that date was however changed. We did not enter the Stargate in 2012 but on September 28, 2015. WE stayed LONGER IN THE VOID within the Photon Belt.

[See Part II of the video ‘MASTER JESUS & CHRIST COLLECTIVE’ JULY 11, and ‘ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’ July 28, as well as the Announcement concerning the Stargate in the video dated September 23.]

In April 2015, the year connected with this event was still expected to be 2017 as Archangel Michael said: ‘Yes, we entered the void inside the Photon belt and were due to reach the Stargate in December 2012, but we stayed longer inside the void in the photon belt, as well as in a hologram. We should enter the Stargate in 2017. This process should cause a shift to the 5th dimension.’


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Ascension is a slow process of upliftment and as part of an effect of this awakening in consciousness the world is changing. Disclosure is one of these effects. It is inevitable as people want truth. As I have said it before there will be a peak in the unveiling process of the truths that have been suppressed. It is to take place from March 2016. Your prayers and Soul alignement permit interventions that will bring about world transformations at the same time as healing, a transfiguration of your physical form, and so much more to look forward to. Following that there will be a time of teaching, of reconstruction, and of transition with new technology, that will prepare mankind for even more extraordinary changes, but one step at a time! For the time being let’s celebrate the New Year as well as the anticipation of the fulfilment of the ancient Prophecy!


Archangel Michael with the presence of Archangel Faith and Ascended Twin Flame André. With love and with you always.

Channeled by Christine Preston


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