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29 Dec Cobra Q & A Interview by Rob Potter – Inner Earth/Agartha

Posted by Ryan Marchand on Dec 22, 2015 in Cobra InterviewsPrepare for Change


There is a request for  you to clear up on the subject of the Hollow Inhabited Earth.  Some say it is a portal, that there is a large hole, and some say there’s a smaller hole.  Can you tell us where the main cavern is of the Inner Earth, I guess it would be called, maybe the halls of Amenti where the very tall beings live there as opposed to the Agarthan network ?  Explain about the honeycomb Earth.  Is the center molten or is there a large area where people inhabit that ?

OK.  I would not agree with the Hollow Earth Theory and I would not agree with the Polar Opening Theory, but I would agree with the honeycombed Earth Concept.  There are many caverns, many large tunnel systems, underground rivers, huge spaces.. but there is nothing like the central sun within the Earth and there is nothing like the polar opening.

* It is claimed that the earth’s crust is honeycombed by a network of tunnels passing under the ocean from continent to continent and leading to subterranean cities in large cavities in the earth. These tunnels are especially abundant in South America, especially under Brazil, which was the chief center of Atlantean colonization; and we may believe they were constructed by the Atlanteans. Most famous of these tunnels is the “Roadway of the Incas” which stretches for several hundred miles south of Lima, Peru, and passes under Cuzco, Tiahuanaco and the Three Peaks, proceeding to the Atacambo Desert. Another branch opens in Arica, Chile, visited by Madame Blavatsky.

* It is claimed that the Incas used these tunnels to escape from the Spanish conquerors and the Inquisition, when entire armies entered them, carrying with them their gold and treasures on the backs of llamas, which they did when the Spanish Conquerors first came. Their mysterious disappearance at this time, leaving only the race of Quechua Indians behind, is also explained by their entering these tunnels. It is claimed that when Atahualpa, the last of the Inca kings, who was brutally murdered by Pizarro, the gold that was being carried to his ransom on a train of 11,000 pack llamas, found refuge in these tunnels. It is claimed that these tunnels had a form of artificial lighting and were built by the race that had constructed Tiahuanco long before the first Inca appeared in Peru.

Since the Incas who entered these tunnels to escape from the Spaniards were never seen since and disappeared from the earth’s surface, it is probable that they continued to live in illuminated subterranean cities to which these tunnels led.



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