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03 Jan The REAL extra-terrestrials, and your quantum universe


January 3, 2016

Channeler: Brian, the dragon

Hi everyone. This is the dragon.

We have presented much information in the past about extra-terrestrials. We will provide some review of that information and then provide some additional information about them. We have said that “first contact” won’t be mass physical contact but individualized contacts and won’t be government run. We have said that they have been around Earth for a very long time. We have also said that they are not exactly corporeal beings for the most part in the sense of what you are used to calling corporeal beings (they do have energy or light-bodies, but that is much different than the dense bodies you utilize).

Let’s talk a little more about what the extra-terrestrials are “made of”. For the most part, with a few exceptions, they are light and energy beings. There are a few around that are like yourselves, but they are the exception rather than the norm. You are new kids on the block in a very old galaxy. The galaxy is much older than even your present image of it, and was formed from the merger of smaller galaxies that were already very mature. It will merge again with a couple other nearby galaxies in the not so distant future as far as the timescale of your physical universe is concerned, and at the higher vibration, that merger is already underway.

So, based on your experience, when you think of ETs, you think they will be much like you, but you are mistaken. Beings like yourselves are novelties. We don’t use the word “rare” sense there’s enough. Just not enough that you would have an easy time finding them throughout your galaxy. Simpler life forms like bacteria are all over the place. Complex life forms even like your birds, insects and mice aren’t as easy to find.

Background – Two “Energies”

The first clue about what most life is should be that scientists already know that most of the universe is made up of matter and energy that they have yet to identify. We can tell you right now that some of that is what ETs are made of. Even when you remove unaccounted for matter that is stuff you already work with and just missed due to a lack of understanding of physics of galactic rotation, light, dust and poor equipment, there’s still quite a bit left over. Your scientists already suspect there’s too much simply to explain away by poor telescopes and the like simply because the matter you do know of and what you have all around you on your planet and solar system only accounts for about 5% of all the “stuff” in the physical universe (in reality a bit more because your equipment does have room for improvement). That leaves about 90-95% of the “stuff” in the physical universe being things you haven’t identified yet.

One of those things are quantum fluctuations. It’s quite amazing that in every cubic millimeter of what you call space, it is not empty but instead there is a pervasive energy throughout the entire physical universe that is not one thing or another, but an energy of quantum potential. It is sort of a scaffolding of energy that is almost a blank canvas. By “potential”, we mean it carries an bias towards one thing or another. However, it is not yet deterministic. We have explained this before and we’re not going to go into great detail. Suffice it to say that it could be 40% one thing or 60% another, but it is not one or the other. Or three things, or four things. It is “NO THING”, just the “potential” to be something. You, and I mean all of you, need to really learn about this deeply to start to understand the greater mysteries of your physical universe. It is everywhere and essential.

Well, this “NO THING” can be “disturbed” into becoming some thing. It is disturbed by the focus of consciousness. Until then, it is just potentials, but every now and then consciousness makes a tiny particle or energy “pops” into existence and before it usually has much of a chance to do anything, it vanishes via mutual annihilation. When you add this all up, even though they only exist for fractions of a second, you get a lot of particles appearing at any one time throughout the entire universe. Some of the “missing” matter and energy becomes accounted for.

To account for most of the other missing matter and energy, you have to think about the akash. It is a map to alternate versions of physical existence that are figuratively piled side-by-side like pages of a book. These are called dimensions by some. Instead of the borders between these alternate versions of physical existence having huge “do not pass” boundaries, instead at the quantum level they are very porous and much passes between them. So there’s an energy “footprint” of alternate versions of your universe (including alternate Earths) on your own and they do impact your measurements at the cosmological level. For instance, light travels along “tra la la” and then vanishes into another version of your universe. It never reaches your telescopes, and thus is never measured. Yet, you see discrepancies in your measurements.

Let’s call the first energy “spiritual field” and the second energy “inter-dimensional field”. Your ETs are often fully aware of and interacting with both energy fields, and are in fact usually consciously manifest within those fields.

Spiritual Field

Let’s talk about the spiritual field described earlier and how it applies to extra-terrestrials. Your spirit form exists within a spiritual field. Some of it is so-called “light being” and some of it is so-called “energy being”. These are usually just alternate ways of describing the merkabah and auric fields. As we have described, these fields exist in a state of quantum “potential” and are mostly not “some thing”. That’s why you can’t see them with your physical eyes. Yet some people see it with their “3rd eye”. Your “3rd eye” is a mapping between your spiritual being and your brain’s VISUAL circuitry. It allows your brain to see something which usually cannot be seen. The more you “flex this muscle”, the better the connection gets. That’s how the brain works. It is necessary, since you are focused in the physical senses, to map those things into things like sight and sound. However, as your bias on Earth gets more towards being a light/energy being then the 3rd eye will merge with your own senses to the point that you will not be able to distinguish anymore.

When some of it coalesces, you get a semi-dense entity – something that perhaps can walk through walls but that some people can see, especially when partially in a trance, or if they can see things with their 3rd eye. You get enough of it coalescing and you end up with something like Earth. However, most of the universe is not that dense. Most of it is just fleeting forms being manifested out of the “quantum soup”, the spiritual field.

It is exotic to you, however your extra-terrestrials are immersed in this field. It is their everyday experience. That is why they are invisible to you for the most part. They are not hiding from you, per-se. They are just made of light and energy that you cannot see. Some people can, and more will as time passes. However, most right now cannot.

Interdimensional field

The inter-dimensional field is what we described earlier. The akash is really just a process for picking at the interdimensional field. Most of your extra-terrestrials are inter-dimensional beings. Some are much better at it than others. You live in a “one or the other” kind of world. There are seven continents. There are not one or seven, just seven. Your Atlantic Ocean is smaller than the Pacific. Not either smaller or bigger, just smaller. There are alternate versions of Earth that are so similar – they are in the same space-time approximately with only subtle variations yet they are very distinct. There’s also more than one version of you. You only experience one version. Aspects of the other trickle over, however you only experience one. Typically. A few may have bleed-through from a few other lives affecting theirs. You are partially inter-dimensional and moving more in that direction, but not to the degree of your extra-terrestrials.

At any one “time”, your extra-terrestrials are experiencing multiple versions of themselves. They are aware of multiple of their lives. They have more evolved DNA in order to do this.

That also means that some of the beings (a minority thereof) you will call ETs are actually native to Earth in alternate dimensions of Earth.

See, when you talk about dimensions, you often talk about planes. However, that’s just part of the picture: Dimensions can be side-by-side vibration-ally, not just stacked on top.

Your Earth doesn’t just end at the boundaries of what you are aware of. Your Earth is much greater than that. As you evolve, you will integrate more of the dimensions of Earth than what you currently experience.

Some of your so-called extra-terrestrials have just beaten you to the punch, or better put had a lot longer to do it.

Ironically, as you become inter-dimensional, you’ll also realize that many of you exist partially as these so-called ETs… And not always just the ones from Earth…

Re-thinking “Us and Them”

So, now that we have broken the not-so-surprising bombshell that’s not such a bombshell that many of you are inter-dimensionally part ETs, think about the ramifications of that. It shouldn’t be surprising since you know all is One and you know you are much more than what you think you are right now. As your human DNA evolves, and it’s in overdrive right now, as you become 40%, 50%, 60% efficient marching towards 100%, you will start to become aware of more facets of who you are. No, it is usually not just human.

“The Others” are really your brothers and sisters. Not just Extra Terrestrials.

It is part of why humans feel so alone so often and feel the need to fill that void with things. You know what part of you left behind to experience this life. You know about the collective of beings out there.

They are knocking at your door.

And once you realize that they are not so different from you after all…

Time For Contact

They are ringing you constantly and eagerly waiting for you to pick up that phone. Many of you have heard that “open and frequent contact” is coming from many sources. It’s jut not going to be a bunch of spaceships touching down and saying “nanoo nanoo”. Not beyond a little of that from a few beings more like advanced versions of yourselves. Much of it is going to be YOU personally developing a relationship with your brothers that are really One with you. It’ll be YOU openly communicating with them telepathically, the universal language. We’ve said this before.

There has been some communication with your government solely because they had the means to reach out before most of you. The ETs do not honor your governmental institutions beyond simply respecting your current choice. The only “government” to most ETs is your collective, and they are already in touch with your collective in what you could call the future. Yet, if the government reaches out, they will respond. Just as they will respond to you. The line is drawn in that the government will not be the channel for ETs to human beings. ETs have the bandwidth for personal contact, and that’s how it should be. In fact, just as the government has their psychics, some humans have already been reaching out and talking to ETs for millenia and even more so now.

You humans have always been reaching towards the stars. From when you first descended to Earth in linear time, your first small civilizations, you knew you were born of the stars. And you still strive. You’ve done it before. Again and again. It has become easy now. So easy, your bodies haven’t been able to keep up. You are doing wonderfully.

Start working on reaching out. Develop telepathy. Develop your 3rd eye. It is your destiny. You are not meant to be caged on a small world.

With Love,
The Dragon


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