ascension-press | 2016 March
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31 Mar Lady Nada via Susan Sammarco

  March 30, 2016 I walked the path with Yeshua many years ago. I was Mary Magdalene. We are forever consorts, He and I. Would it be nice to know that this is the last Easter celebrated as religious holiday? The last one to be treated in this way. But the meaning will have changed after this year....

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31 Mar One Who Serves via James McConnell

  March 30, 2016 "Now we also want you to understand that you are always to be in the Now moment. Not to think about the future as coming because the future is already here as well. It is all in the process of the Now. So, let go of these things that you are waiting for,...

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30 Mar Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Great Mystery

  March 29, 2016 God, Being, has created places where life is unaware, from where a desire for awareness can develop and grow toward the light. You are located in such a hollow in the field of consciousness that is God. God had to create a lesser awareness in order for individuality to emerge, In order to create individual...

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30 Mar Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg

  March 28th, 2016 I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. There has now been a period of rest for all souls and bodies that need to recover from the last energy wave. Many suffer from various symptoms, but they will soon disappear. Remember to rest a lot and take good care of...

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30 Mar The Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle

  March 29, 2016 There are times in humanity’s long history when turning points of great significance are reached. This time is truly one of them! It is not often when those who so callously drive the yoke are unceremoniously driven down. This is such a time and it has been long in coming. You sit at...

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  MARCH 29, 2016 I would like to reassure you that the process of Disclosure is on its way, and that it is inevitable because mankind is being affected by a magnificent concentration of Light radiation as the Earth and the Solar System are traversing an area of space which abounds with photonic Light. Disclosure is that great...

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27 Mar Sarah via Ann Dahlberg

  March 27, 2016 After this Easter many have had symptoms of different kinds. The energy allows all to rise a bit higher in their frequencies. The body can feel what it can handle and adjusts the energy accordingly. Over time it takes in a little more of the energy that now exists on and around Earth....

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  March 14, 2016 The Cain of Genesis represents that progeny that were the souls of Maldek in reincarnation. He first kills his brother Abel who appears to represent the Lemurians. The characters of Genesis are symbolic of groups of people. Some Galactic beings who had colonized the Solar System were also around during the Lemurian days. Genesis...

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22 Mar Sheldan Nidle

   March 22, 2016 You are entering a revolution of consciousness and a joint coalition of freedom and the achievement of your dreams. These possibilities were long imagined for you and yet somehow this possibility kept slipping from grasp. Heaven used its vast influence to ensure that this most needed reality was to be your true future. Therefore,...

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