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18 Mar Coming Revelations – A Message from Your Guides


March 18, 2016

We can tell you unequivocally that what you have been taught to believe is a mere fraction of what exists and what has been covered up about your history, science, government, religions, DNA, ancient civilizations, and many other subjects is much more than what you believe or perceive is recorded history. We want to be very clear – your history and much of what you believe to be true about your world is a massive cover-up of what actually is. The reason we are telling you at this time is because the revelations are beginning.

The End Times, Armageddon, and the prophesies in The Book of Revelations are not about the end of the world. They are all about the unveiling of the world that has been hidden from you. As you learn your true history, you will be able to take your place as empowered, informed, enlightened beings who are truly ready to live lives of free will in Co-creation with your Creator and all who have worked for countless eons to safe-guard you from your own destruction.


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