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27 Mar Sarah via Ann Dahlberg


March 27, 2016

After this Easter many have had symptoms of different kinds. The energy allows all to rise a bit higher in their frequencies. The body can feel what it can handle and adjusts the energy accordingly. Over time it takes in a little more of the energy that now exists on and around Earth. Everybody has the opportunity to develop at their own pace. We have different bodies and find ourselves at different development stages. It will have to take the time it needs. Just know that everything is going forward and that all are developing towards the higher energy that now exists on Earth. All that choose to remain on Earth will do so.

The second important thing is that a transformation of Earth is now taking place overall, with different systems that more and more will override the lives you now live in. It is a more fair system based on solidarity where everybody wins and nobody looses. The start signal has been given and it is now spreading with greater speed all over the Earth. Soon all of you will be able to partake in this.

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