ascension-press | SANAT KUMARA: 144,000/ ANCIENT ATHENS “Incarnation in the physical world did not always take place in the same conditions as it does today”
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23 Apr SANAT KUMARA: 144,000/ ANCIENT ATHENS “Incarnation in the physical world did not always take place in the same conditions as it does today”


CHRISTINE: In the process of my attunement with my Mighty I AM Presence, this morning, I have once again felt the electronic radiance of his Light, as well as that of the Archangels, and Ascended Masters I reached to. I have invoked their Rays, their Light, their flames, as well as their intervention for the protection of the members of my family, of the Lightworkers, and I have asked for an unfolding of events for the victory of the Light in the Ascension process. André, my ascended twin flame, spoke to me last and said to expect a dictation from Lord Sanat Kumara who came to Earth 18 million years ago to take his position as the Logos of the Earth, and to direct the evolution of souls. André is now saying he is going to relay, or channel, the message from Sanat Kumara, as it is the chosen method of communication for today:

ANDRE: Greetings, dear listeners. This is André relaying information from Lord Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, is the great Being and Saviour who master-minded a Divine Plan, hundreds of thousands of years ago, to save the Earth when the situation didn’t look good at all. He asked for volunteers to incarnate in order to hold a balance of Light against the dark ones, or fallen ones, including those of Maldek in that more recent period of history, from his point of view, which was to do with the decline of the golden age of Lemuria, when these souls started waking up to their powers and misused them. They rose up in power, and after making their way up upon the ladder of their society, were the ones who built up the Atlantean civilization, and introduced a technology which was then used to realize their designs of conquest. They also entered into deals with extraterrestrials. These souls of Maldek established a global rule around the world except in Europe, around that area called Ionia, and the Ancient Athenians who opposed them finally obtained victory. Plato refers to these Ancient Athenians in his work Timaeus. These conflicts to gain freedom from the tyranny imposed by the Atlanteans took place about 12,000 years ago. Christine will provide some known historical details on Ionia and the Ancient Athenians at the end of this dictation.

To come back to Sanat Kumara and his call for volunteers, as I have digressed a bit, the volunteers who were enrolled originally were one thousand I AM Presences, Mighty Elohim, who created twelve Higher Selves each, who in turn sent into physicality twelve extensins of themselves, in total 144,000 (a hundred and forty four thousand) soul extensions, or spiritual beings, who were necessary for the Plan to succeed, to change the mind-set and the systems of the world, and these were supplemented by the incarnation upon Earth of millions of other beings, Star seeds of various Galactical origins. This Plan was ingenuously calculated to propulse all souls upon an accelerated path of Ascension by making use of the Waves of Photonic Light, that it was known would sweep across the Galaxy at this time, and have an effect upon the psyche of the inhabitants of this world, as well as those of the other planets of our Solar System, while the latter would be traversing the Photon Belt. This acceleration would be more than a local incident. It was also to occur in other parts of the Galaxy that were to come into contact with this photonic light.

Sanat Kumara has held the office of planetary Logos for the Earth up to recently. His position has been taken over by Lord Gautama Buddha as some upgradings are taking place at the moment in the Spiritual Hierarchy. Sanat Kumara has taken position in the Star of our system, the Sun behind the physical sun of our solar system. He has not left, or is not leaving, as someone has claimed. The Ascension is his project. Does it make sense that he would be leaving before it is completed, or before the Light has achieved full victory? The beings who are involved with the Ascension project, these one hundred and forty four thousand who were mentioned in the book of Revelation as saints who were not defiled, have a soul family connection, and are related to the one thousand I AM Presences, or Monads. They have a family DNA connection. A great portion of the DNA that scientists call junk, is quantum. It is a blueprint or image which becomes reflected in physicality. The small percentage of DNA that science detects as relating to physicality, and not junk, is an instruction.

These one hundred and forty four thousand extensions are not necessarily in incarnation on Earth as they could have ascended or could be in embodiment upon other worlds. Some of these souls’ higher selves are Archangels and in some cases, having ascended, these soul extensions are the known ascended masters. The soul extensions have a direct link to the I AM Presences who created their own Higher Selves. It was in this way that they lowered themselves in physicality in the lower dimension.

Incarnation in the physical world did not always take place in the same conditions as it does today and since the recreation of civilization on Earth following the Atlantean disasters and cataclysms. During the Lemurian golden age, incarnation did not result with the same separation between the consciousness of the body, or what you might call the vehicles of the soul, and its celestial counterpart, the Soul, Higher Self, or Lightbody. The vehicles of the lower soul, the persona, are etheric, mental, emotional and physical. When mankind was allowed to reincarnate through a DNA bottle-neck after the Atlantean drama, as well as the tampering of its physical DNA, 13,000 year ago, some limitations were introduced, and although they were part of an agenda of the dark forces governing mankind, such as the Archons, the Spiritual Hierarchy decided to allow them in order to avoid a repetition of the misuse of power that had precipitated the downfall of Atlantis, such as the premature use or misuse of psychic powers. You have heard from Mother Mary why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame and why Mystery Schools were created during the age of Atlantis. It has been explained that the souls of Maldek which were allowed to reincarnate in the late Lemurian period, did so in bodies which were upgraded, to permit them to progress. Saint Germain has also contributed some explanations about those events in connection with the souls of Maldek in his message entitled ‘Cast on Earth’. Members of the Lemurians, who were referred to as the Sons of God, entered into inter-marriages with the daughters of man who were Atlantean. Unfortunately, the progeny of these marriages, the souls of Maldek, who were regarded as the lost sheep, misused the powers they genetically inherited and recreated the negativity of their former civilization. You know that the Master Jesus has been represented as a Shepherd who came to show the way to the lost sheep.

There is much more that can be said about this matter, so we could return to this subject later in another dictation. For the time being Sanat Kumara wishes you to understand that you are family and you have the interconnectedness at the higher level of your being, and this is the reason that it would be ludicrous to state that he is going away, to imply a separation. He is not going away as Ascension is his Project, and you can be assured that the distance between the Sun and the Earth is of little importance where his activities, as well as the range of his influence, are concerned. Dear one, why should he be leaving, as in going to another Universe, after so many millennia of hard work, just as all of heaven is rejoicing because the dominoes are beginning to fall in relation to disclosure and a great escalation of events is about to unfold? It is a time when mass ascension is occurring. It is a time of spiritual harvesting which is also related to Sanat Kumara’s own cosmic evolution. In the Ascension the soul extension is re-united to spirit, it merges with the I AM Presence, or Monad, and Sanat Kumara is the supervisor of the ascension ceremonies.

You are being blessed by the power of his I AM name, and you remain enfolded in his protection and infinite Wisdom. André

CHRISTINE: For some information, Ionia is a name for the region of the Anatolia’s Aegean shore in present-day Turkey that was colonized by the Greeks in 1000 BC. Plato used some information he found in an unfinished work by Solon, who obtained it from some Egyptian Priests at Saïs (Sa-es), and he wrote his works in about 360 BC. Plato wrote that about 9,000 years before his time, Atlantis had risen up out of the Atlantic and threatened the entire European continent as they had designs of conquest. He stated that the Priests of Saïs had said to Solon:

‘In this Island of Atlantis, a great and wonderful power exerted rule over the entire island and several others, and had dominion over very large parts of the continent of Europe. This vast power, having gathered together in strength and arms, O Solon, endeavoured to attack and enslave our region of Egypt and Europe, and yours, as well as all those who live within the columns of Hercules. Then at that time, the power of our city, Athens, shone forth beyond all glory. Athens fought bravely against the Atlantian tyrants and eventually subdued them. On the night after the Athenian victory, however, the earth shook, and an enormous tidal wave swept over the island of Atlantis, submerging it and both armies.’

Solon was astonished and delighted to learn of Athens’ glorious past. Solon’s region was Ancient Athens but not the classical Athens, it might be called Proto-Ancient Greece. It was the Ancient Athenians, the ancestors of the Greeks, who rid the world of the Atlantean threat.

Channeled by  Christine Preston


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