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26 Apr COSMIC AWARENESS “One of the events that the United States and the world itself globally, is being moved towards is the collapse of the American dollar as the currency of international standing”


April 17, 2016


That which is Cosmic Awareness is today
available. That this Awareness would ask you now, Joan, to proceed.

Thank you, and welcome
Cosmic Awareness, thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix
Membership session of April 17, 2016. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic
Awareness, Joan Mills is the questioner and Energizer. Is there an opening
message or any event you would like to discuss please, at this time? Thank

That this Awareness has an opening message.
That this Awareness says to the members that you are right now in a very
critical space and place as humanity, as individuals, moving into a different
reality. That this Awareness for the last several months, has been emphasizing
that the energies at this time are such that anything could happen and that
those in power are indeed pushing things at this time, for they too understand
the alignments of the planets and their forces, and of the energies that are
playing themselves out now and they too realize that they could use these
unstable and powerful energies to their advantage or at least, this is how they
too see it.

That they could use those energies that could
create the situations of advantage for them, that they can use this to their
advantage and yet at the same time, there is a wildness about this time, an
uncertainty of how things might come out. Therefore, even these ones who see
that the energies are of a high nature and if utilized properly by them to gain
that which they wish to gain, that which is their continuance of power, that
even they cannot predict what will occur, for they no longer can see into the future
as they once did.

That which was their
ability to read different timelines from the timeless space of fourth
dimensionality, is not effective or working for them as it once did, and that
this is so since that time of the mass Ascension event that occurred in
December of 2012, the Ascension event of December 21, 2012. Yet they have
proceeded as if they will still achieve their goals, but it is no longer
guaranteed and it is no longer that which suits Divine Source and Its purpose
of bringing a new level of consciousness to humanity, to Mother Earth, and even
to the solar system, the galaxies and the universe.

This is that which those in power right now do
not comprehend or understand. It is as if they are automatons, automatic robots
that are wound up and must proceed along the path that is set for them. They
lack flexibility in this matter and because previous viewings of timelines
showed that there were certain ones that they could use to their advantage
because this was seen before December 21st, 2012, they are continuing along
those options, those paths of possibility, that once showed them that this
would be the way to go for them to achieve the results they wish to achieve.

There are other factors of course that are now
playing themselves out, factors of intervention of the extraterrestrial beings
that belong not to the Archonic forces, but to the forces of that which one
could loosely call Divine Source and Divine Light.

That there are interventions that are happening
and have been happening over the last several years, that have been shunting
the ones who have been trying so hard, off of their path, that which they
thought might come to be, and yet such as the inflexibility and thus the
weakness of the powers-that-be that they cannot see that they are the
powers-that-were and that the significance of their authority has been
diminished, has been curtailed, and is not that which will proceed.

Having said this, this Awareness must also
emphasize, this is only so for those who do not buy in any longer to the
manipulations of those in power. The majority of humanity unfortunately is
still being provoked towards reaction and towards certain response because they
are not yet aware enough to see the manipulations or to understand that that
which they assumed to be truth and reality of a third dimensional construct,
that which is their reality is false by nature and manipulated by those who
have a greater understanding of these events.

Having said this, this Awareness can also say
that humanity itself is being moved towards events that will be so shocking in
nature and so upsetting that previous tenants of faith and belief structures
will crumble because the ones that have been pushing them are being deprived of
their power and capacity to continue the sham and to continue the deception
that they have been engaged in for hundreds and thousands of years.

There is that force that will help humanity
even the ones that are totally unaware of things, who have not questioned,
would not question, for they have bought into the reality constructs that have
been given to them, that they have been indoctrinated into.

But the only way that this can happen are
through extraordinary events. Events that do not go according to the plans of
those who consider themselves to be in power, who have the right to do to
humanity anything they wish as it has been and as they think it will continue
to be.

These extraordinary
events unfortunately, are events that could crumble existing structures of
reality that most live their lives by.

For example: the assumption that if one works
hard and has trust and faith in one’s government that they will do alright.
What will happen if the economic situation, for example, collapses? It is
already a frightening state of affairs in the United States regarding the true
levels of unemployment, that are not being reported accurately and many are
already facing economic hardship because of a lack of employment and yet the
belief is still they will be taken care of by their government, and that all
will still work out.

However if an economic event of great magnitude
to were to occur and that the economic backing of the American dollar crumbles,
is devalued, then the situation will grow much worse.

This Awareness is here
to say that at this time, one of the events that the United States and the
world itself globally, is being moved towards is the collapse of the American
dollar as the currency of international standing. There are events taking place
at this time: meetings between the bankers and the President and the Vice
President, all in secret. There are negotiations underway that are pushing a
China agenda, that there is a very strong likelihood of a collapse of the
American economy in the next few weeks.

That this Awareness speaks of this, for these
are the events and the plans that are being worked with by ones in the know.
That most of course do not know anything of this and simply are proceeding
under the assumptions that America is alright financially and it is to be too
big to fail and that what America is doing is that which is the envy of the
rest of the world without ever understanding that the situation of America,
what with its stolen gold, the gold that is the nation’s gold by your former
leaders, by your industrialists, your corporate leaders, has left the country
bereft of gold as a backing for the currency and that this is well known
amongst many in the economic field who deal with these matters but it is hidden
both from the American people and generally from the populace of the planet,
and many proceed as if the American dollar is the bastion of all currencies,
the strongest of all currencies, when in actuality the American dollar is the
weakest of the international currencies, and that it is all based on lies and
deceptions, smoke and mirrors, to keep up the illusion that America
financially-speaking, is still a powerful nation and can weather the storms of
economic disparity.

There have been in the last several years,
groups that are moving towards the abandonment of the American currency which is
based on petroleum, thus the petro-dollar, back to a gold standard-backed
currency. That China is that nation at this time that is in the strongest
economic position for they have gold and that there are manipulations and plans
to move the international currency away from America and to China, thus the UN,
the Yuan, the Chinese currency becomes the international currency and this is
very close to happening, and if it does happen a series of events will occur in
the United States that will see the devaluation of the American dollar.

That these will be in preceded by a closing of
the banks, that which will be called a bank holiday and that when the banks
open again the dollar that was valued at one level will be much lower, having
been devalued and that this will send shock waves through America and that
there will be many collapses of many businesses and that many will find
themselves in economic destitution and despair. That this can even happen as
soon as May 2nd.

That this Awareness is putting this information
out at this time, not to focus the attentions on this event happening. It is
one event that could happen, one timeline that many are starting to energize.
There is a strength to this timeline that must be acknowledged, but this Awareness would still say to one
and all remember that you will receive what you focus upon.

That this Awareness presents this information
to help you prepare for the shock of a collapse economically in the United
States, but would also ask you to remember that it has been advising one and
all towards that which this Awareness speaks of as sacred neutrality.

That this Awareness for several years has been
speaking of the need not to go into panic or fear or meltdown, but to hold the
space, to stay in that place of sacred neutrality with the understanding that
this is what was needed, because the system itself, at the core, was and is
corrupt, and that the corruption must finally be routed out, rooted out, must
be removed, and if this means that the collapse will cause not the destruction
of the United States, but rather its rebirth, so that a new system can happen
and new leaders for the people and of the people can be elected.

For the deception that is prevalent in the
United States of America and in other Western nations as well, which are
following the lead of the United States of America is nothing short than the
manifestation of these dark ones and the corruption that they are.

That because most do not question, most do not
entertain even the thought that their own government that they have put on the
highest pedestal in complete ignorance, in complete unawareness of the truth,
that these very ones are the very ones that are causing great harm to the
people and to the nation and to the planet itself, the global community of humanity,
and it is for this reason that this Awareness has long been speaking of events
that could happen to destroy the existing system and systems, to destroy the
corruption of the leaders who would sell out and have sold out their own people
for their own selfish profit.

This is that time. Prepare yourself now and be
prepared, but also understand that you must be flexible, you must hold that no
matter what happens, you will be alright, everything will work out, for you
must also remember that Divine Source Itself, the Spirit of the Divine, the
Spirit of your own multidimensionality in its expanded state, is also working
towards coming through this event.

Therefore, even though an event of breakdown
may soon occur, hold this as the time of breaking through, going through the
blocks and the barriers.

That if one can maintain level footing, if one
can maintain a clear head and if one can stay out of fear and panic and
knee-jerk reaction, then one has a better chance of getting through the
unfolding events.

That as one stays in that place of sacred
neutrality, trusting that that which is happening is that which needs to happen
to bring down the corrupt regime and that all will work out and that something
much greater and much better than that which has been, replaces that which has
been, then one will find that this journey, this transit through troubled
times, although perhaps challenging, although perhaps a little frightening, is
basically that which can be handled, and that which will indeed lead them as
individuals and them as family units and them as cultural groups of a nation,
that needs to be adjusted forward through the upheaval and to the place that
lies beyond.

Hold a
future that all will work out because that which is the corruption has been
removed, hold that Divine Source is with you, walks with you, will not abandon
you, has not abandoned you, and that this too is part of a much greater plan of
Spirit that needs to happen, for a cleansing is desperately needed at this
time, for the corpse of the nation that is America is rotting and this corpse
must be restored to a higher status of its own beingness.

It is that which is represented by the
resurrection, that Easter recently put this theme into mass consciousness, that
the one known as Jesus had been crucified, sacrificed on the cross of
materialism and physicality, had died for the sins of humanity.

That this is part of a propaganda of religion,
of the Christian region. But what is not propaganda is this understanding that
if one lets go of that which no longer serves, which is only a deception and a
deceit and one is willing to be born into the new truth of one’s own being and
the higher spiritual truths, that this will be the resurrection and the
transmogrification of that which was at one level transcended into a higher
level, consciousness itself, transcended from the restricted level of third
dimensionality into the higher planes of fourth dimensionality and beyond into
fifth dimensionality.

Remember this is all part of that which lies
ahead and is possible but can only happen if that which is the rotting corpse
that has been fed upon by ones who are vampires in nature, is finally released
and let go and that this can only happen when certain events occur that while
on the surface may seem horrible events, events of a great catastrophe, but in
truth are those that serve the clearing and the cleansing of the rottenness of
the decay, of the stench of deceit, of lies, of manipulation, of violence, of
hatred, of all that which now is so, is held by those in power.

Therefore, be prepared for the energies are
accumulating in terms of the economic collapse of the American dollar and the
American economy. Remember that even if this happens, it does not mean that on
a local level there are not sources of food or that you cannot still have
shelter and protection, or that you will be crushed by it. This is not
necessarily seen as that which will occur, unless, again this is emphasized,
you believe that you will be crushed and destroyed by the circumstances that are
being unleashed, by the events that are happening.

This Awareness has never completely spoken to
the issue of an event that could happen and even while It is doing so now, It will still remind you that this is but
a timeline of possibility, and that you are in a fulcrum point right now,
before such an event happens, to focus yourselves in a direction, in an
understanding of events that could occur, that would place you on a timeline
other than that which is being outlined by this Awareness.

That this is your individual choice to hold
that you can proceed in a different way and that which is being predicted by
this Awareness does not need to be that which is your experience of reality,
your experience of a timeline of events. That even though many are energizing
this, these timelines of their individual making into mass, a mass timeline,
even though energies are being collated here, collected towards this event to
be so, that you, the individual, as a creator being, aligned with your own
higher potential, and your own higher multidimensional nature, can still hold
that all will be well, that there will be resolution to these events, and these
dire events that this Awareness has been describing are not the events of your
experience, are not the events of your timeline and for you these events may
never unfold.

It would be a mistake however, to say that this
means that this Awareness is wrong. It is not whether this Awareness is wrong
or right, it is simply that this Awareness is sharing with you at this time, the
energies that are underway. It is fact that President Obama met with the Vice
President Biden for a series of meetings, an unprecedented occurrence. It is
true that bankers have been gathering in Washington over the last few days for
discussions. It is true there are discussions happening with China. These are
facts that are happening in many timelines, but does this mean that you the
individual, the Creator being of your life, needs it to express itself as
spoken by this Awareness for all that is, is that which is the majority energy
that many will choose to experience, but not the guaranteed energy that must be
experienced by each and every individual. Be the strong individual, hold that
all will work out, that even if events collapse, this is but a great
opportunity presented by Spirit to move yourself forward, to move yourself
beyond the limitations that are so at this time for the majority of people. Choose your timeline, focus on this, hold
it to be so and then let it go, be flexible, for that is what is most needed at
this time: flexibility.

That even though the world is on the very
precipice of an event of great magnitude and other events also seen, not simply
the economic fields, that could also possibly erupt, that this Awareness is
still indeed saying to one and all, do not focus on these events as that which
will occur, hold it rather as this could happen, and if it does happen and you
do experience this type of upheaval, that you hold that you will be alright,
that you and your loved ones will manage this, will come through this and that
it is a breakthrough and not simply a breakdown, and that no matter what, this
is that which serves the greater purpose of Source and Spirit, that serves the
greater purpose of humanity and Mother Earth.

These are unprecedented times, these are times
of extraordinary events, hold it always that however things unfold, this is
your opportunity to break through. This is your opportunity to grow and expand,
this is your opportunity to release and heal those areas of your own life and
those areas of your collective lives with others, that need healing, need
release. That it is the time to move forward into these events and through
these events, and if it is so that you experience nothing of this, then pat
yourself on the back for this will mean that you have been able to truly focus
on a timeline that is possible, a timeline where the destruction does not need
to occur the way that many hold it, and many anticipate it, and if it is that
you do experience upheaval and events around you collapse; then do not go into
fear and panic, do not go into hopelessness, do not believe what you are being
told, but hold rather that all will still work out.

There are other forces at play here, than
simply the economic forces that you are told about or the extraterrestrial
negative Archon ones you are told about or the religious beliefs that are
prophesizing Armageddon. Do not go there, for if you focus your attention there
you could indeed experience these as your reality.

Hold simply that all is collapsing, coming down
because the structure itself is rotten and a new structure must now be built:
but for this to occur, the old structure must come down and that if you are
experiencing anything of this which is hard and challenging, know simply that
this is the hard work and that there will be benefit from hard work in the
sense that that which is removed can then be replaced with that which is sound
and of the highest spiritual nature.

Know that this Awareness will not abandon you.
Divine Source and Spirit will not abandon you. Your own multidimensional nature
and family will not abandon you. This Awareness asks you not to abandon Source,
not to abandon this Awareness, not to abandon your own multidimensional
spiritual nature.

That this is that which this Awareness presents
as Its advice at this time, the eve before amazing events, the time before a
collapse that is needed. That this Awareness sends Its energy to one and all in
these outstanding times of possibility and potentiality. This Awareness holds
that all will be well and asks that you hold this for yourselves and your loved
ones as well. That the blessings and energies, the Light and the Love of this
Awareness are there for one and all and it is so.

And so be it. Thank
you Awareness, that was very, very interesting. The members I am sure will be
pleased to have some insight as to what is going on. Thank you again.

That you are welcome, and that this Awareness
would say that It would be well pleased if the majority never experienced anything
of the events this Awareness is speaking of for it truly would be the indicator
that they, those who have not experienced any of the events, have managed to
set themselves upon timelines where such dramatic and extraordinary events need
not take place and a more general peaceful transition does take place, where
the forces of the Galactic ones that are here to assist and intervene, have had
effect, where the powers of Divine Source have had influence and it is this
that this Awareness will hold to be the experience of the majority and that
this Awareness says it is possible for one and all who have such strong
conviction and trust and faith that they can move through these outstanding
changes in a much gentler way where change does occur but it does not
necessarily mean the total collapse of all, because of factors unseen and
unknown and unaccepted that will help and assist the transition.

Hold this to be the truth of your being and the
timeline of choice for you and then release, let go, step into the sacred
neutral and understand that no matter what happens, you will be alright and
that you will come through this in fine form.

That is very, very
hopeful and I really hope as well that the people recognize that this is
possible. Thank you Awareness.

Channeller: Will



Channelled by : Will Berlinghof


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