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26 Apr New Earth Times “There are indeed magnificent surprises afoot for you at this very moment”


April 18, 2016

Father God:

Our dear Earth Children, we have a message that will warm your hearts, and soothe your minds, too. We want you to know from us, your Mother and Father God, and our loving Masters of the Company of Heaven, that all is well in your part of the Universe. We know of the feelings some of you have had about our promises of the coming abundance; many of you have experienced so much disappointment and fear and pain in your lives that you cannot imagine the miracle of genuine change, much less the extreme and imminent changes we have described. You understandably long for the results of your efforts and faith.

It doesn’t matter whether your part in this Project included understanding the details of this phase of the Prosperity Plan or not because undoubtedly you will all share in and benefit from the combined efforts of you and your Brothers and Sisters of the Light. The beautiful thing about our devoted Lightworkers is that your fulfillment in building a better world is so genuine that as you perceive the New dream already coming true, your weariness and strain will immediately melt away to be forever replaced with ecstatic happiness at seeing the Prosperity Programs rolling out for the whole world. That is what the “delays,” along with your steady faith have achieved.

We in the Company of Heaven – Mother and I include ourselves in this group – are working diligently to help with your introduction to true Prosperity for the first time in eons. We are participating in assuring your successful awakening in the Great Earth Project that is the ultimate expression of freedom: your Ascension to higher dimensions. You are becoming physical Angels. There are indeed magnificent surprises afoot for you at this very moment. There is a high energy flow across the planet which is none other than our cascading waves of Love and Light. These waves combine with the potent mix of high spirits of the Lightworkers who are taking part in all sorts of Freedom Projects, while envisioning more to come.

Your Strength and Tenacity Are Launching the Era of PLENTY and BOUNTY

We see you planning programs and projects that will cover it all: housing, clean water, toxic clean-up, healthy food, education, animal protection, nature restoration, free energy, spiritual elevation, governmental overhaul, loving care, financial prosperity, healing centers, and every sort of benefit for humankind! Your visions will indeed be fulfilled beyond what you foresee. This very week, funds have been moving across oceans, across countries, across all borders. They are flowing from the ancient and royal families and their close associates into the hands of the safe bankers and paymasters who are thrilled to be the ones distributing it to the participants of “Dinarland,” and through them to the world. Refrain from giving in to doubt and impatience as the worldwide logistics are sorted out in the spirit of safety and benefit for all. This is just the beginning for you, Beloved Earth Children.

Those whose assignment it has been to purchase currency and share the wealth it brings, have another special gift to offer the world. We ask that you be the expression of the glorious state in which you not only feel the joy of giving, but that in spreading the gift of abundance, you are expressing your God-self. You are abundance, offering the experience of prosperity to everyone around you. You are inspired by the great sacred fire in your hearts, which makes you beacons of the New, the world in which PLENTY and BOUNTY define every area of life. You are all rich in blessings, and the more you absorb the feelings of being blessed, the richer you become.

The old slavery is no longer, Beloved Children. You, humankind’s bright and awake members, have each done your part to bring the abundance about, and you will be gifted immensely. You will delight in the joyful connections you make across the world with those who are generous, kind and open – just like you. You are building the new network of Prosperity, which is itself a higher dimensional experience.

It does not matter what your role in this great shift has been or will be; it does not even matter if you knew anything about what has been happening. You have responded to the rising energies by expanding. You search within to clear away the programming of old, and you earnestly manage your thoughts, feelings and actions to bring out the best in yourself and others. This is sacred work. It is the path of Ascension, true and clear. When you continue to adjust yourself internally to meet and merge with the rising energies, you remain on your upward path. You become fluid like a horseback rider whose movements harmonize with the speed, motion and rhythm of the horse, or a skier whose movements glide gently with the varying terrain, merging with the supportive energies of Terra.

We remind you once again that you are here because you asked us for this experience – to be present for the Ascension of Earth – a treasured wonder to be savored with awe, a Cosmic adventure of the greatest magnitude. It was granted to those who sincerely requested the privilege of attendance, who met extensive developmental qualifications, and who took part in the thorough training required to prepare for this time. A devoted desire to progress quickly through your lessons is also necessary to make the strenuous but quick transition from dense lower 3 rd dimensional experience to the 5 th dimension and above.

Even though you are still partially behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, your intuition, the inner voice of and connection to your Higher Self and to us, guides you impeccably toward fulfillment of your contribution – every one of you a cog in the wheel of change, everyone working together in harmony. Whether your intentions have been publicly declared or not, you are serving a vital role in bringing the triumph of Ascension into full consciousness in the minds of humankind.

The Ages-Old Prophesies Continue to Be Fulfilled

You are gradually becoming better adapted to thinking again in terms of no-time. Continuing to embrace this higher dimensional orientation will help you know unequivocally that the Abundance for Earth is assured and the reality you committed to restore has already been achieved. The triumphs continue to be recorded, and the Ascension of Planet Earth is an inevitability. You can and do inscribe this historic ongoing event with your own mark – the expression of your free will. You have a unique and required impact, and you can expand that influence beyond your previous soul level to any extent you desire. If you wish to make a daring leap in your development as a soul, this is a most favorable time to do so because of the exceptional possibilities for growth that are being presented to you, moment by moment.

Perhaps you have seen that we sent messages through many of our beloved channels to let you know that the energies leading up to April 9, 2016 would increase to a crescendo, an all encompassing transitional event. It is perhaps more accurate to say that many smaller events occurred that contributed to and created what is an even greater result. Think expansively rather than deductively, and it will help you perceive the scope of the explanation I am offering you. Some of our scribes described the energetic implications, while other Lightworkers perceived and participated in coordinated multidimensional events worldwide. The Gatekeepers, Transmuters, Gridworkers and Transformers all assisted in concert. Many quietly realized the achievements such as a stabilization of the transition to the Crystalline Grid and a significant and permanent increase in the upward spiral of Earth’s Ascension Pillar.

In this message, I wish to tell you about one of the events that occurred on the night of April 9 th. I will explain the importance of how this particular occurrence assisted with the present coordinated world-wide upshift. It may be helpful to keep in mind that from our view, all that is unfolding on the surface of Earth is part of The Event which is awesome and unprecedented. There will be exceptional markers along the way for you, and you all will have the tale to tell forevermore of how Love won the day on Earth. Here is one segment of that story. Perhaps it can inspire you since it is a symbol of the creed and actions of all Lightworkers who help to bring in the New Golden Era.

The Impact You Each Make Is through Your Own Ascension

I will describe the scene for you. Along the way I will ask others who were involved to contribute what they saw and felt. We will talk some about the impact of these events and the resulting worldwide reverberations occurring now. This is an auspicious era in Earth’s history. We urge you to relax and trust that all is well and to enjoy your expansion as events unfold. At times, this process will undoubtedly feel strange and uncomfortable as you release the old to embrace the New. Yet you can go forward with confidence that you are fulfilling your life’s dream with every breath.

Kathryn and Christine have long been working with the Company of Heaven to experience, identify, describe, record and transmute the effects of certain cabal behaviors. For example, they record how frequency weapons and the psychic network impact Lightworkers, by recording how they are affected themselves. Once they accomplish their own inner transmuting and understanding of what is transpiring on all sides of the experience, with our guidance they extend their offering. Kathryn works with Mother Earth while Christine works on the inner realms with Transmuting and Crystalline Grid teams. Together, they expose, report and help to transform the impact of cabal actions against the people of Earth. They trained many lifetimes for this, and they have adapted to the demanding requirements of the mission as it has progressed. The April 9 th assignment was difficult. We were there to support and uphold our beloved children, as we always hold you. I will tell you the story, imbued with my energetic accompaniment, so that whenever you read this you will see in your mind’s eye and feel in your heart the events as they transpired.

Can you imagine the confrontation between good and evil, dark and light, without conjuring up images of a war? It is possible. Over time, Christine has learned to stand her ground in the Light and feels only love, no matter what is occurring towards or around her. As she experiences the direct effects of certain cabal weapons, she feels love and compassion for the ones who are damaged enough to still be using such weapons. The Galactic Federation of Light and her medical teams monitor how much she can safely experience. She does not draw these attacks by her lower thoughts. She agreed to perform this role, and it was carefully written in her Life Plan. It serves a function in much the same way Lightworkers bravely fulfill their system busting roles in the government agencies, legal courts, science labs, financial arenas and so on. Christine has helped to expose many devices designed to threaten, program, influence, injure, and eventually kill the Lightworkers who have been identified as obstacles to cabal power.

An added benefit to Christine’s role is that her channeling abilities allow her to speak directly to the ones running the weapons. These are mostly badly tortured souls who live a terrifying and controlled life. Mother and I have asserted that 100% assistance and healing opportunities be given to every incarnated soul on this planet in order to assist with each personal Ascension and the Restoration of Surface Earth. We send love, Light, and help from every direction – to you ALL. One of the numerous efforts is the work Christine does. You see, every connection runs in two directions. If someone is aiming a weapon at Christine, that communication opens a two-way connection that allows her to speak back. She and Kathryn have spent countless hours speaking with, sending love to those on the other side who would do her and others harm. She has come to The Council dozens of times pleading their case. She asserts: how can it still be considered Free Will if someone is so hurt and damaged themselves that they would continue to try to torture and kill others? Although we cannot and will not adjust the Law of Free Will, her appeals and service have had effect. Thousands of what you might have called cabal minions have asked in the quiet depth of their hearts to know Mother and I once again. Once this leap of faith is achieved by them, their own Free Will sets into motion a dramatic change in their circumstances. Since we are still in the phase of Earth’s transition where security is paramount, I will stop here.

Millions of Lightworkers’ Service + Thousands of Merging Events = A Turning Point

During the night of April 9, 2016, Christine was standing at the center point of an Action, which had the purpose of assisting in releasing another level of the cabal’s grip on Earth. While enormous coordinated teams on the surface continued the arrests, containments, legal moves, sting operations and much more, Lightworkers abetted in thousands of ways, through meditation, by acting as transformers for the intense new release of Light allowing others on the Earth to more easily assimilate the incoming wave, and by transforming the Crystalline Grid into the permanent operating system of the planet. As you can see from my descriptions, these proceedings took place on the surface of Terra and across her dimensions. Christine was consciously aware of the event she was participating in, and many other Lightworkers joined her from their sleep.

Christine stood anchored into the heart of Earth. Sanat Kumara held one of her ankles while Kathryn held the other, becoming part of the grounding along with Mother Earth herself. Earth, Sanat and Kathryn held Christine up, and they held her steady. What Christine experienced was an enormous energy attack which lasted the whole night through, while Sanat and Kathryn held her securely, lifting her up, Terra supporting them, with all the Company of Heaven standing close, contributing their love.

Christine “stood our ground,” in symbolic representation of all Earth beings, with no defensiveness or pushback whatsoever toward her attackers, all the while offering the constant and steady invitation to join her and Us rather than continuing their attack. All of us merged our energies with her, creating a Light-filled, benevolent presence. Throughout the entire event, there was the strong sense of her quietly emanating Love: “We are here for you. This is your chance to come to the Light. This is your final chance in your Earth experience because the time of darkness is over; drop your weapons and come to Mother and Father.”

The attacks consisted of a focused ray that hit Christine through more than one dimension. It was a technologically advanced weapon made up of several alternating energies, similar to microwave and radiation waves. Coordinated with this weapon were blasts of calibrated electronic frequencies designed to cause excruciating pain and damage to Christine’s neurological networks. At the same time, the psychic network sent a steady barrage of messages filled with arrogant hatred, resentment, contempt and tailored psychological suggestions intended to weaken her resolve and disorganize her thinking.

Christine felt the attacks as severe pain drilling into her brain, especially the right frontal lobe, to the point of feeling she was having a stroke, and her whole body felt seared. Since birth, by design, she has always had the ability to hold firmly to us, as she did that night, communicating constantly with Mother, with Kathryn, Sananda and Sanat, while Michael stood a bit back to allow her to fulfill her role. This went on through the night, except for a short break when Sananda came to her to comfort her and hold her. He was present throughout, stationed to Christine’s right, monitoring the impact and effects of the weapons, not allowing any damage beyond the ordained experience to occur. Teams of Galactic Federation of Light members also monitored and oversaw the event.

Although Kathryn was in her own bed, dimly aware of what she felt and saw, in the morning she could see the whole scene vividly as it had unfolded. She was exhausted, and described how her body ached as if she had been holding Christine aloft all night long. She and Christine talked about it all, confirming for each other and with us that we had indeed experienced exactly the same events and feelings.

Kathryn wept as she described her feelings of tenderness for Christine and her brave, steadfast stance against the oncoming barrage. “It is so impossible, and inevitable, that Sanat and I would be holding her aloft to be the target of such an attack, with Sananda monitoring and tenderly keeping vigil over her. And yet I knew we were ultimately protected, loved beyond description, and that it would end all right, that Christine would not be permanently damaged. Still, I felt her physical pain, at times unbearable, as she withstood the vicious onslaught. The ferocious energy behind it was horrifying, and yet she did not waver for even a second. We supported her, and she stood, resolute, held in Mother and Father’s Light, unshakable, unflinching. It seemed an eternity, and a moment.”

Mother and I were there to comfort Kathryn and Christine and answer their questions: “What was the meaning of this?” We explained that this was indeed a marked confrontation between Light and Dark, the last chance for those darkest of the Dark Hats to change their minds and come home to us, into the relief of the Light. As we had all agreed in our careful planning sessions, it was the only way to allow them the final choice. We have heard the cries of the people on Earth to help end the darkness, and it has allowed greater participation from the Company of Heaven in doing just that. The plan was to give the darkest, cruelest, most violent cabal members one more opportunity to lay down their murderous intentions or they would openly, deliberately choose to hold out, viciously attacking with all the weapons they had. They were not permitted to kill Christine, but they were permitted to try with all their might, to display their intentions for all to see. As she refused to succumb, consciously representing the expressed intentions of humankind to throw off the yoke of cabal slavery, they became ever more ferocious and belligerent.

Love Replaces War

Christine described in her own words: “Regarding those aiming their consciousness as a weapon at me, I perceived a range of intelligences, all having souls. At the high end of the range, I could hear their inner choices, which sounded like, “I will never give in. Instead, I will destroy myself, and hurt Mother by doing so.” At the lower end of the range were similar but more simplistic declarations that sounded like, ‘I know we can’t kill her, but I will give my life trying to damage her, and be known by all of my kind for doing it.’ They were top cabal leaders and utterly dedicated minions. During this event, I did have the conscious awareness that we were at the moment where either the darkness would reboot the program which would determine the tenor of Earth’s coming days, or the written prophesy would be fulfilled: that Earth would leave the spiral of darkness once and for all.”

Kathryn asked us: “Did we succeed? Did any of them come to the Light?” Our answer: “Well, a few…but few.”

In Christine’s words, “I stood tall yet relaxed, as my true and unique self, while I was also aware that I was joined by and was representing countless family members of humanity and beings of Light. In the same way that I can feel the energy signature while hearing the voices of many divine beings at once, I could also feel their beautiful energies joined with mine to stand as the Light in this predestined moment.”

“I was completely at ease; no effort or resistance was exerted or required. I felt that with my Love, I made a plea to them to release the experience of what we have all been through, and just come Home, and all would be sorted out, but I knew already by their responses that they wouldn’t. In every second they were increasing their devotion to the weapon aimed at my brain. Michael was of course present, yet distinctly not merged with me. I had a clear understanding that this was because I, Christine, the human being, the woman, the person, must choose each moment and stand, not as the Galactic Being, but as the human and the child of Mother and Father God.”

Your Requests for More Assistance Restoring Earth Are Being Answered

I, Father, can tell you that those who persisted in the attack were the highest level cabal members that still existed on Surface Earth. They have been removed from your presence. There still remain on the Earth many who have been steeped in the programmed ideas the cabal has taught, but whom we believe will eventually be able to make a reasoned choice for themselves, and with some help will be willing to come to the Light. I instruct you again, remember as you scan for proof of what we say, to approach your investigation expansively – not deductively – as this will allow you to truly see what is unfolding on your planet.

As we talked with Kathryn and Christine that following morning, Mother and I were both moved and overcome with the sadness of the preceding events. Kathryn said, “I felt Mother crying. As the tears rolled down my cheeks, I felt the pain of her anguish and loss.” Many of you have taken our previous confessions of deep feelings with confusion or denial. I tell you now, that although Mother and I are not mired in dense experience and lower dimensional trappings, we feel everything you do. All of you. Consider this deeply. It is a key to your Awakening.

Yes, I can tell you now, Beloved Children, that those who held out, proclaiming their defiance and their intention to never give up their attack, never agree to come Home, were removed from interfering with life on Earth. They made a choice of their own free will, and they chose to be excluded from this ongoing Earth experience, thereby depriving themselves of the privileges and experiences of Ascension and all it implies. You will soon understand the magnitude of what their decision meant for them, and why we were saddened by their choice. It is the responsibility of Mother God and me to make the decision to protect our beloved humanity, and by extension, the entire Universe, from the destructive intentions of those humans who had been tortured into a mistaken belief that evil is power. We stand, as Christine did as our representative, for Love and Light in the Universe.

Kathryn continues here with some of her thoughts from the morning after the events:

“It might surprise many people to realize that Mother and Father felt such sadness at these events. I see that there is a contortion of the explanation of the Law, As Above, So Below. What is routinely left out is the completion of the Law: As Below, so Above. Whatever deep emotions we feel, so do our Mother and Father God. It cannot be otherwise.”

“It was clear to me that Mother and Father had created this and that they had to choose too: Allow Christine, who represented in that moment all of us who stand for the Light, to be destroyed or disabled, thereby reinitiating another 26,000-year cycle of imbalance and evil, or fulfill their own declared prophesy to restore balance and Light on Earth forevermore. They chose to protect their children of the Light in this epic and inevitable moment. By their own decree, they had to choose to end the cycle which had become a downward spiral into infinite darkness. They had to choose at the cost of denying their beloved errant children who demanded the right to remain as torturers and promoters of darkness forevermore. These prodigal children refused to come Home. The mood of the Company of Heaven was quiet and somber.”

“The following day s we were stunned, exhausted and completely drained, in wonder at the magnitude of what we witnessed. I know the understandings will unfold in the coming days as the incoming energies create continuing waves of revelations, challenges and further uplifting moments. Thank you Mother and Father God for keeping your word to the people of Earth.”

St. Germain:

It is my pleasure to assure you again that the Prosperity and Freedom Programs are real and progressing.

I have asked Kathryn to include a message from me in this much-anticipated newsletter. We know that you appreciate the news and information we have been sending on a regular schedule, and we wish to reassure you that Kathryn and Christine’s work will continue, while their assignments will expand into other areas after the RV, just as you will all begin new projects, friendships and the pursuit of your most precious dreams.

Christine has been hit really, really hard by frequency attacks since the event described above. She and Kathryn have been very sick and completely exhausted in the days following the cabal attacks, as is to be expected. In addition to the actions they completed on the 9 th, they have continued their training, before and after, to prepare them for their own Ascension as well as the work they will be doing for others. They both agreed to this most rigorous learning program before they came, and so have experienced intensive physical, emotional and spiritual trainings throughout their lives.

This is not unique to them, of course. Every Life Plan on Earth is agreed to by Mother and Father and one’s guiding Council before incarnating, and can be accelerated or slowed by the incarnated being in their communications with Mother and Father and their Council. All is meticulously calibrated, with great care and attention because the life experience you take part in on Earth matters a great deal. All experiences, traumas and triumphs alike, go into the cumulative soul development of the collective and the individual simultaneously. We are one.

As a human being, what happens to you here on Earth is also felt by the aspects of you in other dimensions. All experiences are multidimensional in that way. This is one of the reasons we are able to oversee and share your life experiences with you. We are simultaneously experiencing the things we felt when we were there on Earth, and we are also in tune with our Twin Flames who are incarnated, who are interacting with you in myriad ways because of your shared experiences there, and who are in turn connected with their soul expressions here with us, and so on, in infinite permutations of interrelated relationships…When we say we are One, it is not a metaphor; it is reality.

It was possible for us as the Company of Heaven family to work with Christine and Kathryn because of our easy communication with them both, but there were many other factors at play. They were already under direct and constant surveillance by the cabal, and they had a long history of working with their attackers to bring them Home to Mother and Father God. More importantly, they also had the long established relationships with all of you, family and friends of the Light. We truly counted on you to monitor and send love and blessings during their absence, an action you fulfilled wholeheartedly, to shore them up and help to carry through the high vibration of Light needed for the success of the Mission.

You were all an integral part of the resolution that was possible, even inevitable, at the end of that significant night. With your participation, through the multi-dimensional levels of your own soul, you proclaimed your intention to stand fast for the Light. Christine did not stand alone with Kathryn and the Company of Heaven that night. She was fully aware of the presence and energetic support of each of you. She is able to follow the energy streams of everyone who is participating, and she felt you, merging your courage and your intentions to sustain Light on Earth rather than allow the Matrix to continue beyond that conclusive moment.

Sananda, Archangel Michael, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, myself and many, many other Masters, under the direct guidance of Mother and Father, and under the watchful eye of Ashtar and the entire Galactic force, all played our parts as protectors and supporters. Your powerful energies and intentions combined with ours and were funneled into the great spiral of Love and Light, with enormous upward momentum, spinning all darkness out and away from our Earth existence. Thus, we were able to cleanse our beloved Terra, releasing her from the ages-old grip of the dark Matrix, which had originally been a design of the Anunnaki overlords, but which has gradually become the step-child creation of humankind and cabal minions combined.

It was this energetic participation of Lightworkers across the world, combined with our efforts at Ground Zero, which ultimately determined the outcome of the events of this time: establishing the notable beginning of the end of the cabal control of Earth, forever. You will now see and enjoy the unfolding evidence that the “war” between good and evil on Planet Earth fades into nothingness. There is a simple formula for bringing these completed events fully into the 3 rd dimension: the more you live and envision peace, the more peace you will observe in your environment. The more prosperity you Co-create with us, the more abundance you will see manifest all around you. The aftereffect of this splendid triumph is already being felt, and you will feel another great wave of God’s Light energies that will be released with the announcement of the RV/GCR. This is just the beginning of the vast spiritual gifts to be bestowed upon humankind. Yes, these are gifts from God, and also a vivid expression of the Universal Truth: As you sow, so shall you reap.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, you stand on the shoulders of those who came before you to lay the foundations for these monumental events. This great shift of the ages is the result of thousands of years of careful, gradual and cumulative efforts. Your ancestors, your neighbors and friends, your Ascended Masters and the heart-dream of your great-grandchildren have all melded to give birth to this glorious moment.

I am overcome with gratitude and joy as I look across the exquisite blossoming landscape we have created together, and I witness the fulfillment of our shared dream of seeing Freedom and Prosperity return at last to Planet Earth. This is a time we will never forget, and will carry in our hearts forever. I am your Brother, St. Germain. We are One. Namaste, all.


As we gather ’round to offer our thoughts to all of you who have worked so hard in past weeks and months, we are touched so deeply to feel how familiar and close you have drawn to us, how warm and comfortable is this feeling of family unity and Love. We have been through difficult challenges, but we always come through it with an even greater feeling of solidarity and pleasure in each other’s company. This is the wonderful blessing of living through these times of your Earth experience together; the connections are deep and lasting, and the memories remain always as intensely brilliant beacons in the landscape of timeless existence.

We vowed when we came here that we would carry this Mission through, and we have kept our word to Terra, to Earth humanity, and to our Brothers and Sisters of Agartha. Your Agarthan neighbors are longing to embrace you, their Surface cousins who have struggled so long in the throes of conflict with off-planet invaders, on-planet controllers, and a Matrix illusion that was designed to either kill or control every being on the planet. The Agarthans have remained hidden, but they have carefully monitored your progress, your losses and your deepest wishes to raise yourselves out of the depths of low vibrational energies.

The sense of unity and purpose you have created and the rise in planetary energies has cleared the way to the extent that we will soon be able to reveal the presence of Galactic neighbors in your skies and in your Inner Earth. The Agarthans are eager to come forward to make contact with you without the interference of destructive lower dimensional secret organizations. They are beyond excited to know that you will soon be able to celebrate a glorious reunion, with all the hugs and laughter an occasion like that deserves. What tales you will have to tell one another! What a glorious day it will be for all of us when our beloved human Brothers and Sisters at last truly claim the freedom that awaits them!

Regarding recent events, I can assure you that all the elements of the complex plan are in motion. The process will not be stopped. It would not be possible for me to give you a full picture of all the preparations, negotiations, planning and encouragement that has been needed to bring 209 countries, with leaders and populations in varying degrees of fear, suspicion, willingness, paranoia and hope into agreement in preparation for the global currency reset and its accompanying program, NESARA/GESARA. The years of meetings and gatherings that made this enormous project possible have also laid the foundations of fairness and cooperation that have already brought forth treaties, trade agreements and cross-cultural understandings that will establish and sustain peace on Earth for all time. All this is now possible because of the increasing participation of awakened people who have seen the bright promise of raising their eyes to join with us in harmony and joy, to Co-create with us the Vision of a New Earth, steeped in the atmosphere and feeling of wonder and jubilation.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it is truly our time. We are stronger in our dedication and our Love. We have gained precious experience and wisdom along the way, and we will be of service to the Light, in joy and peace, and in Love with one another as never before.

I am your brother Sananda, in proud service to the Great Earth Project, our Dream.


Dearest family of Earth, I revel in the feelings of Love and Light that Sananda has just surrounded us with, and reach out my hand to you as the one who represents your Galactic protectors and supporters, all members of the Galactic Federation of Light, all gathered in Love to assist in every way they can, and to see this phenomenal triumph of Light on Planet Earth.

I wish you could spend a day with my view. You would be at ease for the rest of your time on Earth, beginning now. The entire Universe is with us, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

I know there have been exhausting stretches in life for you when you have felt alone, abandoned, alienated, overwhelmed and despairing that anything would ever be happy for you again. I say, Dear Friends, no more! It is the time for you to awaken! Let the small pleasures in your day and in your dreams lead you quickly to the greater delights to come. I am here to tell you you are protected – no more need to adapt to miserable conditions. A New Day is dawning. Claim your stance to never again feel alone; never suffer from fear. Now, allow yourself to acclimate to happiness! This is your “work,” your challenge and your greatest hidden talent.

Let me give you a hint: Instead of looking for “proof” through “evidence,” focus upon seeing what Lights up in front of your eyes. Open your inner sight, your intuition and your heart. The truth lies there, waiting for you to discover it and give it credence. That is how you discover the new reality. That is how you can SEE it. If a news report brings you fear and disappointment, understand that it was designed to do so. Do not fall under its spell. When you see information that brings you hope, that seems to bring you a feeling of ease – embrace it. We work with channels, intel gatherers, news reporters, messengers of every kind to imbue written and spoken words with Light. That is how you know the news is real; it carries the qualities of Light.

A light-filled news report can contain any content, such as the news of events around the world, but it will always be told in such a way that it is both factual and leaves you with feelings of clarity, insight, understanding, hope, camaraderie and Unity. There is nothing foreboding, danger-filled, antagonistic, worrisome or fearful in real news. You will know it has been generated from a dark source if it leaves you with dread, fear, or hopelessness. We will never transmit our messages in such a way as to create these negative feelings in you. The world has already changed. It is waiting for you to turn your attention from old familiar patterns of worry, stress and doubt, to recognize the Golden Light around you so that you can all get on with the celebration of establishing goodness, mercy and God’s abundance for all.

Do you remember the old song, “All the World is Waiting for the Sunrise”? Well, now the lyrics have changed. All the world (well, including Terra, the Galactics, the Agarthans, and all of us in the Company of Heaven) is waiting in rapt fascination until all of you realize the sun has already risen! Let us sing and shout and pray in gratitude for this new and everlasting dawn. All the millions of ships and their billions of fellow travelers send their blessings, encouragement and applause to honor you and your beautiful blue planet. Hallelujah!

I am your brother Ashtar, in service to Mother and Father God and the ongoing Ascension of Planet Earth. Salut!

Archangel Michael:

This is an endless message, Brothers and Sisters. I don’t mean today’s newsletter will never end, but I do mean our indestructible connection and our warm communication with you will go on. More and more you will notice me tapping you on the shoulder, singing your favorite song, and you will know it is me, your brother Michael. I am here to listen, to help, and cheer you up and cheer you on when you are weary or blue. I tell you, I am not removed to some high octave of Archangel-ness. It is the same for me as it is for you. The more we expand, the more Light we can hold, emanate, enjoy and offer, and the more simple pleasures become magnificent. The more we laugh. The more we love. It is my aim and delight to find any reason at all to bring my Love and Light to shower you and lift your spirits.

Feel my energy. If you are reading this, I am present with you now. If you cannot yet clearly feel me, release your breath and relax. Feel that? I want you to know me and what my energy feels like. Become so familiar with my laughter and my joyful pranks that you will never mistake me for one who would warn you about impending disappointments or disasters, or speak with disdain about another, or correct you for being too hopeful or too exuberant. Ah, no, in my Heavenly family, I am known for my unbridled celebration of Life and for my ability to find the good joke in almost any happening – even the shenanigans of the cabal and the yawns and snores of the unawakened ones. It is not that I am somehow a blind optimist; in fact, it is by looking directly at the plain truth that I so easily find humor and joy. I have a real interest and fascination with the bright diamond qualities in each conscious being, human or otherwise, and I see the creativity in individuals and groups and the Light in every situation. It makes life truly fabulous.

We want your life to be easier for you, more delightful, and the more you call on us, the more we can assist you. Never think of any assignment as too trivial for us, your angels. I speak as your Brother, not as a representative of any position or job, when I say: come to us, call on us, rely on us. You are all weary to the bone. Drop everything from your arms into ours. You widen and strengthen the dimensional bridge when you allow us to share, dissolve, heal burdens. We too long for our closeness. We want to help more. We are very aware of how exhausted and strained you all are. Easy now. We love you. I love you.

We can talk about the most “serious” concerns without ever being discouraged, or defeated, and we would never disparage another. I have often repeated Mother’s words: “This story ends in glory.” Now, I ask you, my Brothers and Sisters, to join me in the laughter and the thrill, and even relief if you need to experience that for a while, to catch your breath and rest. I am here with our Brothers and Sisters of the Company of Heaven to comfort injured warriors, but not so that the wars can continue. We are moving now into the era of peace and abundance, and we will rejoice because that is what we do best, isn’t it? If you are not yet used to the idea of absolute abundance, unlimited prosperity, and endless happiness, allow us to help you. I am ready to answer your every call directly.

I am Archangel Michael.

Sanat Kumara:

Ah, Michael, yes, we do love the way you make us laugh…and expand.

In previous incarnations I have worked as a therapist/healer in various cultures and eras, for it has been my pleasure to look deeply into the intricate workings of the human mind/heart/body to understand what makes people adopt a particular style of thinking and feeling and then hold onto it, regardless of evidence that suggests they are “out of phase.” It is a characteristic of the way humans tend to adapt to life after they have experienced intense suffering or torture. We develop what is called “ego.” There is more than one way to describe ego. Ego can simply be seen as the function or apparatus needed by self to participate earnestly in lower dimensional incarnation. When the ego gets overworked, overburdened and imbalanced, it takes on a life of its own (or takes over your life), splitting-off part of your Self that has taken on the job of protection in the face of abuse and persecution. The worse and more frequent the oppression, the greater the ego becomes. Perhaps we could say that the ego then becomes the most important and active part of the self, displacing the heart as the decision maker with its important and practical faculty, intuition, your inner spiritual messenger from God.

It all comes down to what you feel you can rely on when you feel threatened or alone. Do you reach for Mother God’s hand, or do you “pull yourself up by the bootstraps?” Does it seem weak to you to rely on guidance from Above, or “vulnerable” to put your trust in those who seem to be invisible or at least distant from you? Are you too “practical” to put your hand in mine or rest your head in Mother God’s warm embrace? Do you feel the need to think everything through, research every question, analyze every possibility before you are willing to trust?

Dear Children of God, these are the symptoms and strategies of an oppressed and fearful being who has been pushed to the limit of their endurance. The dreadful feeling – that you are “not enough” to fend off, endure, survive the pain, find a solution or a way out – has been seared into the nervous systems of humankind on Earth during many, many lifetimes. It has become so familiar and so common that you simply accept that “Ego” as you know it, is a normal and innate part of the human makeup, as our friend Sigmund Freud so famously described. It is not. The human template was not originally designed to be “instinctively” violent, rageful, suspicious, concerned, guarded, mean, panicked, selfish or competitive.

You were made of Love and Light, just as we were, but human DNA was tampered with along the way by the ones who wished to enslave humankind, who were to manage the Earth’s resources which they intended to steal for their own use. A damaged human ego was advantageous to secure their designs and provide their most cherished commodity: fear. These anomalies in human makeup are now gradually being healed; you are being returned to the loving, creative and cooperative race of beings who were once joyfully connected directly and consciously with God. You can feel it in yourselves, can you not? The transition to crystalline bodies will have the effect of making you more receptive to the presence of Mother and Father God, more empathic toward one another and the other Kingdoms on Earth who were once your treasured charges, the adored and appreciated conscious beings of Light with whom you share Earth’s Love and abundance.

You are quickly awakening to the responsibility you feel toward the animals, the elementals, the whole ecosystem that was created for your joy and pleasure, and was never intended to be misused or consumed with abandon. This New Day is bringing the wonderful promised changes for every being on Earth. The most pressing responsibility for you now, Beloved Humankind, is to assist in your own healing by allowing the shift within, away from Ego toward Unity Consciousness. It is the harmony within that will create harmony without.

You have heard Martin Luther King’s truth, “Be the peace you wish to see in the world.” You will achieve that elevated state by making peace with the ego you created for your protection in a terrifying world of cruelty and destruction. Talk with your ego-self. Reassure him or her that their job is done, finally, and a separate and dominant ego is no longer needed, but integration is. Nothing is lost when you knit your Self back together, absorbing the energy and will that was once split off and assigned to Ego. See those qualities in yourself, and embrace them with Love. Bathe yourself in Mother’s HoneyLove, soothing the fears and anxieties that went into creating the anxious and fearful part of yourself we are calling Ego. We have all healed here in the same way at the end of each of our Earth lives. When you are no longer in fear, there is no temptation to “shoot from the hip” or to defend yourself by attacking another. Those impulses will fade into the distant past as you step into your full human Mastery, which is the Divine Being who was truly made in God’s image.

In your crystalline state, you are every bit as able as Mother and Father God are to demonstrate the qualities of mercy, gratitude, joy, forgiveness, generosity and empathy. The changes within you are an enormous part of the flow of uplifting energies that are Co-creating peace and abundance on the planet. Go within, lovingly and patiently, to help yourself release your grip on the suspicion, fear, combativeness and doubt you thought were just part of “normal life.” As you do, you will be stepping through the doorway into the New Golden Age, to the life of harmony and Love you have longed for. It is not an impossible dream; it is a renovation task that you must accomplish within yourself. Your body is helping you, so get your ego on board too. Now, work in harmony with the God-energies you feel flowing across the planet and through your being to bring forth the glowing human you are destined to be.

You are not alone. We are here to help you in your important self-building task. It is what we planned together before you came, so of course I stand ready to assist you every moment of the day. Call on me to hold and support you as you expand into the larger self you are becoming. Call on me to celebrate with you when you feel the exhilaration of being new and strong in a greatly improved, expanded and more comfortable version of You. We Loved you before, and we Love you now.

I am your Sanat. I willingly proclaim myself as your Loving mentor and friend, as I have been since the beginning of this Earth adventure. I am here with you always.

(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk, 4/18/16 )

Channelled by : Kathryn E. May



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