ascension-press | The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan “Things are greatly shifting in your world, even if at times, it appears that all is “business as usual.”
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02 May The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan “Things are greatly shifting in your world, even if at times, it appears that all is “business as usual.”


April 21, 2016

A Message to Lightworkers

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
And we would say, that things are greatly shifting in your world, even if at times, it appears that all is “business as usual.”
The “business” has changed from that of the third dimension to the fifth, and the “usual” is not at all what you are used to.
We will speak briefly of those who look into or as you might say, “look down upon” your planet “from above”—those of Galactic origin, some of whom equal the Angelic and other higher beings of this Universe, in terms of their own Ascension paths, and some of whom are barely above your own station.
These are not, as they say, your garden-variety ETs.
They do not come merely to “test or do experiments” such as your governments have led you to believe is their interest.
That is in fact mainly the work of the dark hats, disguising themselves as ETs, or working with those of a lower density vibration, and great was the cheer on our side of things, when the truth of this was explained quite clearly on a recent telecast of your resurrected television series, The X Files.
You have indeed been reduced and shackled by experimentation and negative ET influence, but those are actions that were taken many, many thousands of years ago by those who have since taken up the role of your overlords.
Where you stand now is in the place of Ascension, very far beyond what they, in a darker era, consigned you to.
You stand now in a Light that they saw coming but hoped would never arrive.
Yet it has arrived. 
And the waves coming to your planet now, ushering in ever-higher levels of that Light, have not only rattled them down to their teeth, but have shown them what they had assumed could never occur, which has occurred: humankind, rising to the next level of consciousness—and no method or technology can stop it.
We have spoken of planetary souls, and what one might call whole “movements,” similar to your social and spiritual movements—a joint decision involving large hosts of higher beings and Galactics, agreeing to aid certain planets and star systems that have, on a higher level, called out for help due to some oppressive force or difficult evolutionary stage.
Such was the case of your Earth—She called, and we came, all of us here in the Ashtar Command, and many others besides, who support Lord Admiral Sananda and all serving below him.
We came forward in part to aid Lady Gaia as She cried out for support for Her own Ascension, Her own liberation.
And we came forward to witness and assist your own astounding development and evolvement from being made to serve as mere “cogs in a wheel”—individual souls and soul groups caught in the karmic wheel, and used physically and etherically to serve the machine of a corrupt planetary system.
We have watched with both amazement and admiration—can anything be braver than drawing oneself up and out of the third dimension, and while still in a body?—as you took the decision to return to Earth to experience Ascension in the physical, while aiding Earth in Her own Ascension.
Two very powerful and complex undertakings, taken on with the extremely limited understanding available to humans—the heavy veil over the third eye, experienced by all who come to third dimensional Earth.
And what we have seen, in regards to beliefs about the existence of Galactics and any help they might offer Earth and her people, is a mixture of hope and disbelief, in terms of how humankind feels Galactics ought to behave.
We have said previously that we are not here to “rescue,” and that is so.
Even if that level of intervention were allowed by Universal Law, you do not require rescuing.
You are in fact freeing yourselves from unjust tyranny, from technological systems and social and mental programming that has disarmed your consciousness, denied you your rightful 12-strand DNA, and trained you to believe you are powerless, when in fact, you are utterly powerful beings, as you are increasingly aware.
You did not, and Earth did not, ask to be rescued.
You asked that should the actions of the dark hats break Universal Law, in the sense of denying free will and denying Earth’s basic rights, beyond a clear and certain point, that we intervene in the level of no longer allowing those actions.
We have and are fulfilling this role. 
For example: You do not see significant nuclear arsenal being deployed. 
You do not see a repeat of the events of September 11.
You do not see that World War III has broken out in the Middle East.
You do not see a continuation of certain levels of mass programming, to the extent that no one dares think beyond what church or temple or synagogue tells them is the nature of life or God.
You do not see the old forms of cover-up continuing in ways it did for centuries—if Edward Snowden’s and Julian Assange’s revelations have not shown you this, look at the Panama Papers “leak” as they are being called.
You do not see the poisoning of citizens from air, water, and food going without notice, with only small isolated protests, quickly covered up or ignored.
None of this is due to lack of trying—the dark hats have attempted to enact these and many other forms of oppression over the past few decades.
But the energies of higher awareness, the growing Light in human consciousness, the growing evolvement around the planet, have not permitted it.
When your own resources have not been enough, we have stepped in to remind those in “charge” what the Laws of this Universe are.
Whether it was a government meeting, an industrial meeting, or a private closed discussion, we are there—St Germain is there, Mother Sekhmet is there, Lord Sananda is there, among others—and the dark hats are not capable of facing down any one of these, let alone all of them, and all Whom they represent.
This brings us back to the fact that there has been a powerful shift on the planet over these past few months.
You are barely aware of it, except in your etheric state, so we will remind you of what you already feel, of what certain white-haired gentleman running for president in the US reminds you of, though he can only say so much, without uttering the word “NESARA.”
And that is, that the dark hats are no longer in control of the planet.
All of you, as part of the Forces of Light, and every newborn child entering this world, every tree and flower, every beautiful animal grazing on the land or caught in a tiny pen—you are all in charge now.
Claim and fully realize your independence, which grows daily!
Claim and fully realize your beautiful soul power to create and recreate whatever you need for your soul path in this life, for your communities, for your own joyful expression on this New Earth.
Claim and fully realize your place in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds!
Stop looking to the skies as if ships landing were your only recourse. Yes, of course, we are here—we are your soul families, your guardian Angels, your guides, your own higher selves and twin flames.
We are not incidental, or unimportant.
But you are our brave captains, who volunteered to come forth—do you suppose it was the weakest or least capable of us who would do so?
We assure you, you are our bravest and most powerful.
Remember your Divinity!
Claim your ability to create worlds, for you are recreating this one, to new and nearly unrecognizable heights.
Believe us! And yes, “Expect us”—but know that the ones you are “expecting” arrived at the moment of your births.
Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.


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