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16 May The Pleiadian Councils May-06-2016

The Pleiadian Councils
Disclosure has commenced
May 6, 2016 by Trevyn Alexander Ohare…

Can’t you see it? It is now undeniable. Often many of you may have been doubting disclosure because lack of personal first hand evidence. But do not stray off, disclosure is, and has already has exploded globally. It’s all about paying attention. And when you begin to dig for some answers, well you will find them. Many political and leading world figures have stood up and admitted to alien contact, and the presence of extra-terrestrial evidence is exploding all around the globe, through technological breakthroughs, the merging of spirit and science, and this is only the beginning. So we wish to answer your questions and doubts as to why you may not be having full physical contact with us yet. This is a process, disclosure began with all of you who have awakened, The next step was when the people were finally granted public access to the FBI UFO files that have been made public and able for download directly from the FBI GOV website. Soon after these kinds of information were released, then came our next step, sightings of our lightships have tripled in amounts of people and reports of our craft this last few months. You may have noticed that most sightings are being witnessed in highly populated cities, we are doing this as another way to show you we are here and ready. Though these sightings, mixed with very ppowerful world figures now disclosing and admitting to the public our existence and presence here, it then becomes a common knowledge to the masses that we are real, thus through these critical months of disclosure, the human race will be ready for our mass landings. Do you see now? Do you see why we are asking you to be patient as you await our inevitable landings. This is the purpose of the disclosure process. To ease the masses into our presence to make our arrivals as little of a shock as possible. As to avoid much chaos. To you starseeds, indigos, awakened ones, remember that your minds are much different than the common human awareness right now, and it is difficult for a soul that is so entrapped in the matrix to evolve and adapt nearly as fast as you. If you have been having doubts of our presence and first contact, we encourage you to take some time and do some research. We guarantee you that you will be stunned at the accuracy of our predictions and of the leaders of the world beginning to speak of our truths now. We would like to step over to give you some more events, as they have proven the accuracy of the predictions and messages we have been sending you. First example, In the country of turkey, an all out fist fight broke out in a political meeting when a law that takes away these high up figures immunity from persecution. Or to make it clearer, this is Implementing that these people and the cabal are subject to arrest for all of their illegal and evil doings. When the top blows off in a room of, quote, unquote professional types of people breaks out into a big fist fight over this, than obviously, many of them have something to hide. Because they know that once their , atrocious, greedy, and selfish deeds are pushed into the light, they know it will be the end of their power, and the end of their freedom as they are rounded up and put away, just like any other common folks would have if they did these things.



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